Deep down, in here, I have always felt that I’ve to have the crozier of choice, to take a stand. Obviously, there’s always going to be someone within reach, who’d hate me for standing there. I indeed have always felt to open up to that true face. Through my mind, I can understand what it’d be like to be offended, by someone, somewhere.


Sometimes we wish for the things we really don’t need to but yearn for. But, that’s why most of the times these go wrong. Unlike waiting for the right moment, we tend to jump straight in. Leaving the instruction manuals behind in the groove of your car. Let’s just feel free, give ourselves a chance to find the balance. To be strong enough to stand alone, and be ourselves enough to stand apart. And to be wise enough to stand together, when it’s the only option left.


When it comes to taking stands, we always end up having to, because if we don’t, we’re not humans. And since we are, we’re not a scarecrow, sitting on the fence. I don’t sit on the fence. You don’t too, I believe. So come pick sides!


@rajathkrajeev | Rajath K. Rajeev ©

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